Betting Guide 1pt =£25 gpr= guru predicted rating on the day.

5.00 ADMIRAL ROOK, 7/1 1/4PT EW FAREEQ BROCKLY RISE, Numbers 81 78 78, Admiral Rooke comes out best here, Brockley Rise is well in too and what concerns me is how is this such a big Price unless Trainer just asking for prep to prep run as could win based on previous runs here


Mobham could come late and beat Home before dusk Hard race to call

6.00 QARAAT 16/1 1/4PT EW Pink Flamingo 3yo is best on numbers 3yos against older Horses in sprints ?? A SURE WELCOME Tipped last day met trouble and can go well QARRAAT looks Unexposed and could go very well.

6.30 RIPLEY 7/1 1PT EW MAKE GOOD and TETRADRACHM could be first to make the moves in the Home straight what comes last of the Bridle may win and that could be RIPLEY, This Girl is quite Tough she nearly died as a Baby but wanted to Live and wanted to race, I think she will be a revelation on the grass in handicaps this summer, It has Just taken her time to fill her frame.. Tonight its touch and go if she is good enough to save on the other 2 bet 3 in this race exotic this three

7.00 GLOBAL STYLE 1/4PT EW 7/1 CONFRONTATIONAL 1/4PT EW SPLIT STAKES. INTERNATIONAL LAW &ROMAN DE BRUT Exotics I don’t like the fav here at all looks like a prep before prep race with this Jockey.


Good Luck Everyone Win Big FRGURU.

Handicapping Guide to Junior form book students,

Flat Racing!! the ceiling weight is 10 stones and all ratings are based on good Ground, Races up to a mile 3ilbs equates to 1 Length. 1 mile to 1mile 2= 2ilbs equates to 1 Length 1 mile 3 furlongs 1.5 lbs equates to 1 Length, 1 mile 4 furlongs and beyond 1ilbs =equates to 1 Length, Some Handicappers rate 3 lbs all the way up to 1m 4f. Over the years I’ve sort of perfected my own system when a Horse wins a race, once they reach a certain Level you can only go so far even if they keep winning the Handicapper will be reluctant to keep adding to a horses rating up to 145 based on the ceiling of 10 stones, most group races are 9 stone or penalty for group 2 in group 3 and so on: so take away 14 to get rating officially.

Then 145 turns into 131official when you handicap a race Look at the past form and base your mark around other runners in past races for your marker Horse. weight and distance between marker Horse and other runners = numbers. proximity to horses? see the above guide. choose solid form markers in races where Reliable horses can be chosen as markers to handicap your horse for a predicted rating for today’s race. that is your Basics and for Junior students just give every winner 6 lbs, doesn’t matter what race up until a rating of 130 never add 6 past 130, this way Junior students get the hang of rating winners, don’t worry that it is the wrong race to rate 6 as it all works out in the end, but you have inflated numbers in some races? yes but this helps you when you first start out and you still get the best horse for that race. Once you get the Hang of the race classifications you can now start to Operate at semi-professional levels. Ill Talk about More on Handicapping in the coming weeks so just put this all in one file after I have done it. as some very complicated work is ahead. If Students Subscribe to the Racing post They have some of the Worlds Best Handicappers and Racing post ratings are very good, but you can rate the race a tad more accurately if you spend much longer rating the race in more detail which I do a lot but for £20 a month, serious punters must subscribe to the racing post and Look at their Handicappers but if your betting serious numbers you need these skills to more accurately rate your horse for the predicted rating same as racing post ratings or do Both Like Myself . FrGuru.

Flat Racing Guru UK 100 Hundred Flat Horses to follow +30 South African 3yos to follow 2019/20 published Jan ist 2019. https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:32e0c02a-080e-4946-b2c5-84449495061a

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